My name is Mike, and
I’m Passionate about fishing.

So I started

I am of the younger generation of a family of fisherman.

I grew up in South Florida and started out building conventional tackle for the simple fact I wanted a better performing rod but did not have the money for it.

My whole life has revolved around fishing and when it became evident marrying my wife would lead me to Utah I knew i needed to explore the art of fly fishing.

I discovered a whole world of saltwater fly fishing I never knew existed in Florida, I put together an 8wt combo and the rest is history.

I stood on the beach and watched the backing peel off my reel to the point I could see the spool I finally turned the fish, then turned to my buddy and said I will never pick up a spinning rod again.

At that moment I realized fly fishing would be my future release. Fly fishing quickly became my passion and as my love for fly fishing grew so did my love for fly rod building.

We do fully custom builds because we enjoy the out of the ordinary stuff, but we are also working with anglers from every side of fly fishing world to develop our own tapers, and provide a better quality rod at an affordable price.